I have a wide background experience in teaching and education, having taught in five different schools in five different English education authorities, before becoming a School Improvement Officer. 

I have held posts in large and small schools, with management experience in each, and I have taught children in all age-groups of primary, junior and 8-12 middle schools. At one time or another I have held particular responsibility for Curriculum Development, Maths, English, Science, Technology, ICT, PE, Art, French and Special Needs. 

I was Deputy Headteacher at two schools before becoming Headteacher of a small primary school. I maintained a teaching commitment of two to three days per week throughout my time as Headteacher of the school. After 15 years of headship, I spent seven years working in School Improvement.

Since retiring from full-time educational work I have worked for six years in Eastbourne and two years in Weymouth as a private tutor,