Phil has been tutoring my son for just over a year, in which time I have seen his self-confidence increase, grades improve and his enjoyment and passion for learning return.

It is Phil's gentle nature and way of teaching that nurtures and allows ability to grow and potential to be realised. We have been so happy with the work that Phil has done and is doing with my son. Phil's commitment and hard work have really helped him believe in his ability.

Parent of Year 7 child

Thank you for all you are doing with our son. His confidence has totally grown. 

Parents of Year 6 child

Yesterday Anton came safe back from England. And I got back a lucky son who had enjoyed the stay very much. Thank you for all the kindness shown to my son during the last fortnight. And Anton told much although he usually doesn't tell what he has experienced. Thank you for the lessons too. I saw all the papers, he worked with. Compared with the lessons in Germany this was work of about three month, I think.

Like my husband wrote I also think, that Anton enjoyed his stay very much. He told us a lot (unusually!) and said, that after four days he began thinking and dreaming in English. I agree in everything my husband said and want to thank for your kindness and the various and complete lessons, too. It was a good work together, it seems to me. 

Parents of German student

We can't thank you enough for helping our boys. The boys and ourselves will really miss you. We feel really blessed to have had you in our lives for the time we did.

Parent of Year 5 and Year 8 children